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Friday Facts #14 Local side-effects of topical steroids

author/source: DrB

The side-effects caused by topical steroids can be systemic (affecting the whole body) and local (affecting the skin that has been treated). The occurrence of side-effects can be avoided if four factors are taken into account:

1. The strength of steroid being used
2. The amount being used
3. The length of the treatment period
4. The part of the body being treated.

Local Side-effects of Topical Steroids



The remarkable and important good effects of topical steroids can be achieved in the treatment of atopic eczema without side-effects by ensuring the correct steroid is being used for the part of the body being treated, for the correct length of time, and combined with appropriate use of emollients, and if necessary, habit reversal. Thus, if chronic eczema due to habitual scratching is present, the use of topical steroids without habit reversal is likely to be disappointing. Then, if topical steroid treatment is continued regardless, side effects may be the result. If however the treatment is combined with habit reversal good results are achieved, and side effects are avoided.

The Combined Approach to atopic eczema provides a protocol for the best use of topical steroids. It depends on their...

good effects for good results!

The possible local side-effects from using topical steroids are important,
but can be avoided

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