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Habit Reversal


Chapter Three of Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual For Practitioners is a detailed account of the behaviour modification technique habit reversal,  including its original application in the treatment of unwanted nervous habits and tics. The chapter summarizes the early research on its usefulness in treating atopic skin disease, and describes how it is used in The Combined Approach, both in treating Adults and Older Children, and when treating Younger Children.


Integrative Dermatology, Habit Reversal and Atopic Eczema

The Snakes and Ladders of Habit Reversal

How progress is achieved with The Combined Approach

The consequences of scratching eczema

The most dangerous room in the house for your skin

Success with habit reversal for chronic atopic eczema

Isaac talks to DrB about online eczema advice and apps

Getting Back On Track with Habit Reversal

Awareness training for habit reversal

Using a fidget toy can be a good skin-safe behaviour

Habit reversal for atopic eczema and successful self-help

Habit Reversal for Atopic Eczema: Motivation and Success

Habit Reversal, Atopic Eczema & The Nurse Practitioner

Habit Reversal for atopic eczema: simple to use in primary care

Habit Reversal: non-toxic and cost-effective in chronic atopic eczema