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The inaugural meeting of Psychodermatology UK took place at The Medical Society of London on 23rd of January 2003. Dr Richard Staughton, Consultant Dermatologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital opened the meeting with an account of the impact on his service of introducing a psychodermatology clinic. He highlighted in particular the benefits of the provision, for patients with atopic eczema, the behaviour modification technique habit reversal, as developed in the 1980s by Dr Peter Norén, Consultant Dermatologist, Uppsala, Sweden. With Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Christopher Bridgett they introduced this innovative approach to the UK in 1989, at the Daniel Turner Clinic at Westminster Hospital, London. 



Above top, Christopher Bridgett with Peter Norén and Richard Staughton, co-authors of Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual For Practitioners,
and below, Christopher Bridgett with Sue Armstrong-Brown, their patient, and author of The Eczema Solution.

Their enthusiasm for The Combined Approach to atopic eczema has been the inspiration for this membership website, first launched by Dr Bridgett in 2011, and taken over by Psychodermatology UK in 2023.

"The potent combination of the expertise of professionals with the experience of patients aims to radically improve the treatment of atopic eczema everywhere"   Dr Christopher Bridgett, August 2011

 is a self-funded membership website owned by Psychodermatology UK, a special interest group of the British Association of Dermatologists





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