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A new approach to treating atopic skin disease was introduced at The Daniel Turner Department of Dermatology at Westminster Hospital London in 1989. It is a combined approach, combining optimal conventional topical treatment of atopic eczema with the behaviour modification technique habit reversal to eliminate habitual scratching. 

Since its introduction it has been successfully used, first at Westminster Hospital, then at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital London, in the management of this troublesome condition for increasing numbers of delighted patients. Striking improvements in both skin condition and quality of life have been indicated by clinical outcome studies. Unfortunately despite its success, there are still relatively few clinics offering the treatment. 

When, as a Chelsea & Westminster patient, Sue Armstrong-Brown discovered the effectiveness of the combined approach in the treatment of her eczema, she asked the question that many other patients have asked: "How can this successful treatment be made more widely available?" 

Her own answer was to sit down and write a successful self-help version of the treatment programme: "The Eczema Solution".  



Meanwhile regular training events for nurses and doctors were provided, a training video was made: "Live Without Eczema", and "Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual For Practitioners" was published.




            VideoCover Manual


Now patients at Chelsea & Westminster have suggested the creation of to both encourage the training of more nurses and doctors in how to provide the combined approach, and to create a source of on-line information and advice about the combined approach for atopic eczema patients. 

The aim of is to make the combined approach for atopic skin disease more generally available.

Here you will find the video, the book and much more. You can join with others in discussing the treatment programme, exchange experiences and learn from others. The combined approach is an exercise in
behavioural dermatology - see the introductory article from the 2011 March issue of EXCHANGE The UK National Eczema Society Members' Magazine:



The success of the combined approach for atopic skin disease has prompted both delighted patients and enthusiastic practitioners to get together to create - a source of information and training for as many people as possible, all over the world