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Atopic eczema in winter

author/source: DrB
A wintery night outside Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, UK



The many variables that represent trigger factors for acute flare-ups of atopic eczema can be usefully listed as either unavoidable, or avoidable:


As a season, winter is a trigger factor that is, for most of us, "unavoidable".

But in winter there are measures that can be useful to consider, in order to be "pro-active". It may be especially important in cold weather to keep an eye out for "flare-ups", in order that treatment can be started promptly. Otherwise, there are several associated triggers that may be especially important to remember in winter:

  • Dry skin:

Always number one! In winter, especially likely: use your emollient for often!

  • Central Heating:

Notorious for skin drying - lowers the relative humidity.

  • House dust mite:

Perhaps more problematic in winter, with closed windows and central heating: extra attention needed to vacuum cleaning and appropriate bed linen.

  • Infectious diseases:

Common virus infections may increase vulnerability to eczema flare-up: get that ‘flu jab!

  • Cold dry weather:

When out and about, extra moisturizer is needed to protect the skin!

Just as we do for other aspects of life - car, house, clothes, garden - we can take extra care as winter starts, in order that our skin stays in good shape.

Keep vigilant  - Live Without Eczema!