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Timing and treatment with habit reversal

author/source: DrB



  • Timing in life is everything

It is not necessary to be a believer in astrology to see that when things are done can influence the outcome. Context needs taking into account.

When it comes to painting the outside of a house it is usual to check the weather forecast!

When planning to use The Combined Approach for atopic eczema with Younger Children the importance of having enough people available for the first three nights "sentry duty" needs consideration.

Timing is also important when planning to treat Adults and Older Children:

  • Timing and motivation
Atopic eczema is described as chronic condition - that is to say it can be longstanding.

When assessing someone new for The Combined Approach it is useful to ask  "Why now?". The answer can show if optimal motivation is present for a successful outcome.

A sixteen-year-old, who comes with his or her mother who has discovered the treatment and arranged the appointment, may have a different point of view to someone older and more independent, who has recently changed their circumstances and found their eczema coincidentally much more troublesome.


  • Timing and ability to focus

The Combined Approach is a programme that requires spending time learning about it first, and then time practising what is involved. It needs priority given to it.

The first week using a hand tally counter requires commitment, and the following four weeks requires practising new behaviour, and all this involves conscious effort.

Fortunately the skin responds rapidly, and this positive reinforcement maintains the new way of being for most motivated patients.

If however there are other important things going on, it may be worth waiting until these have been dealt with, especially if the competing activity is stressful.

💡A good example for a student would be at exam time. Rather than adding The Combined Approach to the effort of exam revision, it may be wise to postpone the treatment programme until after the exams are over 😀