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Live Without Eczema

The Handbook for Adults and Older Children

Christopher Bridgett

Consultant Psychiatrist, London, UK

Peter Norén

Consultant Dermatologist, Uppsala, Sweden 



All the following are available to share...

  • Each heading below is a link to the relevant content.
  • All can be shared together between practitioners. 
  • For patients it is intended that the patient versions are shared one part at a time by the practitioner as a programme progresses.
  • It is recommended that the practitioner and the patient agree that the forms used are to be completed before progressing with the programme.
  • The first article in each part below is for the patient.
  • The practitioner's version has extra content for emphasis in discussion with the patient.
  • Each part has links to additional material.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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