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✊ 👪 Advice to Practitioners on Use of Web Apps

author/source: DrB & DrN

Live Without Eczema:
The Patient Handbooks
for The Combined Approach to atopic eczema
Christopher Bridgett and Peter Norén
Web App Format  2020.2


There are two web app handbooks:
 ✊Adults and Older Children
 👪 Younger Children and their Parents

1. Each web app has two versions: one for the patient [not labelled], and the other for the practitioner [labelled Practitioner Version].

2. The Practitioner’s Version has extra content, in numbered yellow boxes, that can be used for emphasis in discussions with the patient.

3. When a practitioner first shares a part with a patient it is intended that the practitioner takes the patient through the content by referring to the Practitioners Version.

4. Each handbook is in three parts. 

5. It is intended that the patient version parts are shared one part at a time by the practitioner with the patient as a programme progresses from appointment to appointment.

6. Each part has links to additional material, including forms, and additional reinforcing tips.

7. The handbook parts can be easily shared electronically with patient, either at clinic face-to-face appointments, or online.
Adults and Older Children need an accompanying hand tally counter.

8. The forms are on links with each part.

9. The forms for Part 1 and Part 2 of both handbooks include space for the patient to record the results of their homework: they can be printed for completion by hand.

10. It is recommended that the practitioner and patient agree in advance that, in order to progress with the programme, homework will be recorded on the forms provided and brought to the next appointment for discussion.

11. Completion of treatment parts of the forms requires practitioner’s involvement.

12. The handbooks can be easily used on smart phones, tablets, lap-tops or PCs.

13. They can be conveniently saved by bookmarking to home screens.

NB The web app patient handbooks are similar to the paper patient handbooks, and should be used as recommended in the protocols for The Combined Approach

For further help using these apps or these programmes please click HERE