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Habit Reversal Tip #3: Registration

author/source: DrB

      Ten Tips for Successful Clicking!

  • During initial registration* do not avoid scratching: allow registration to make you aware of your habit
  • Registration introduces the little self discipline required for successful habit reversal
  • Registration with a hand tally counter is used by Adults and Older Children, not with younger children
  • Keep the hand tally counter with you all the time - if feasible
  • Flaunt it on a lanyard round your neck, or keep it hidden in a pocket and click it there
  • Click at the end of each and every scratching episode (not with each individual scratch) - ask others to prompt you, if you like
  • Count everything involving touching, rubbing, picking or scratching the skin
  • At the end of the day note the total in the work-book and re-set the clicker to zero
  • If you wake at night scratching, use the clicker - but scratching when asleep "does not count"
  • Record in the work-book the main times, activities, and circumstances when scratching happens
  • Otherwise, for this registration exercise, keep using creams and ointments in the same way you have been until now - the treatment programme will give you fresh instructions!

*See p6 Adult & Older Children Patient Handbook



hand tally counter is essential for succcess with habit reversal. During the first week of registration scratching is not avoided. Registration allows awaremess of the habit to become clear. A baseline frequency with associated circumstances is recorded before habit reversal begins. Then as habit reversal is introduced, use of the counter continues to measure progress and maintain awareness. Once the skin has healed and habit reversal is no longer needed, the use of the counter is discontinued.