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From the Clinic #11: The Zap Pack for Acute Eczema

author/source: DrB


The zap pack is the vital kit needed for the third part of The Combined Approach. It needs to be discussed especially once part two of the programme is complete, when the three levels of treatment over four to six weeks have successfully treated chronic eczema - and any coincidental acute eczema.

From then on, the programme focus is on understanding how to deal with acute flare-ups. When this is optimally effective, each subsequent flare-up over the next three to six months can be less and less troublesome.

The patient handbook has a final page to be completed with the details of what to use as a zap pack: the preferred emollient, and the prescribed topical steroids - with how to use them.

At the successful end of the second part of the programme the skin will be clear of both acute and chronic eczema. Work is now required to maintain this state of affairs, with vigilance and early recognition of acute flare-ups.

These need to be managed promptly and thoroughly. For this to be possible the necessary treatment should be immediately available. If there is a delay in getting the required topical steroid, an acute flare-up can soon reignite habitual scratching behaviour, and the chronic syndrome will begin again to complicate the picture. To avoid this the zap pack needs to be kept topped up and ready for use. It should be taken along when away from home, even when the skin is in good shape.

Prompt zapping of relapses means the skin heals quicker and remains good for longer and longer.